Miley står upp för homosexuella rättigheter

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Skrivet: 2011-09-02 Klockan: 22:55:26
Miley Cyrus Stands Up For Gay Rights
Translation from MileyLove:
She always says what she means-not paying attention for what others will say:
that’s the Miley we all know!This 18 year old girl suprised everyone getting another tatto lately. The sign of 'All love is equal' is now on her right hands middle finger. Singer & actress explains:
'It means ALL LOVE IS EQUAL'. With a tatto like this, Miley wants to say that no
matter you are homosexual or heterosexual is also love so it’s the same as love
between man and a women. She has been standing up for homo rights even
before! She has got alot of homosexual friends herself. Now, she openly shows
middle finger to haters online! Still, this photo hasn’t really got through well with
strictly religious people. They leave her really mean messages! But still, Miley defends herself and says on twitter: 'Where does it say in Bible that we should judge the ones different than us? Oh, that’s right:
NOWHERE. God is the only judge, hunnie.'

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