Iyaz- 'People forget Miley´s a human.'

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Iyaz, 'People Forget That Miley's Human'

Iyaz has defended Miley Ray Cyrus’ sexy new look. He told Daily Star:
'Miley is very normal and would sit in the studio spitting paper at people through a straw. Life is way tougher for her than me. People forget how young she is but they also forget
that she’s a human being. If she wants to change her look,
she should.

Iyaz recorded a duet with Miley on the last Hannah Montana
 album: 'It’s a crazy high energy song which I wrote some of
& Miley wrote her part, then the Swedish producers got in on it. I did not think
our voices would blend but they did. It’s amazing. Photographers jumped out of a hedge
outside the studio when she arrived. I was shocked but that is every day for her, it can be
scary stuff.'

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