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Jonas Brothers Tour 'Different' W/ Demi?

Jonas Brothers new interview with Macleans: Being stuck with each other all the time, how do you get along? 'I think we kind of got past that once we realized it was very unproductive and nothing really got done when we were fighting. And so I think that we choose to have respect for each other, not only for our time that we’ve worked together, but also just as brothers. And I think that’s important.'

Since you and Demi are now publicly dating, how do you think that this tour will be different for you touring with your girlfriend: Joe, 'I think we’d like to stick to questions
about the music or the touring please
.' Kevin on his love Danielle:
'This will be the first time I’ve toured as a married man, so it should be a little
bit different. It’s very exciting, new, we don’t know exactly what the accommodations
 are going to be, if we’re going to have our own bus, all that

How do you feel about the rising young stars who are coming behind you,
like Justin Bieber? 'It’s not offensive at all. It’s definitely something we think about.
 But I think with all of the younger people that are coming up, we wish the best
for them, and Justin Bieber in

We’ve had the opportunity to meet him a couple
 of times and speak with him and he’s entering into a whole
 new world and really being thrown into it all and we hope the best for him, we think
 he’s doing a great job so far.'

Can you hear on stage with all the screaming girls?
'We speak a little bit louder probably because we’ve lost a little hearing over these few
 years. I honestly don’t really like to use them [Ear monitors] that much because I like
to hear the audience as much as I can because it kind of gives me an energy that’s
exciting for me.'

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