Joe Jonas, 'I Got Demi A Car For Prom'

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Joe Jonas chatted with Zap2it about the Camp Rock Tour and girlfriend Demi Lovato going to prom: 'We're going on tour this summer again as the Jonas Brothers, which is going to be fun for us. I'm going to bring Demi Lovato out with us. It's going to be a lot of different cities.
 There are more cities on this tour than any other tour we've done. So we're looking forward to getting on the road again.

We've been wanting to go so bad. The best thing about this tour
is that there's no break. We had to take a break to film 'Camp Rock' last year and that was really fun for us, but this time we get to just tour straight through the end of the year. For us,
 that's something to look forward to.'

Why didn't Joe go to prom with Demi and her best friend Nolan? 'I thought it'd
be a little weird if I went and she already had a date. She's bringing one of her best friends,
so that's really cool. I did get her a car, though.'
Will Nick & Kevin bring respective ladies
on tour with them? Nick laughed, 'No respective lady for me.'. Kevin said: 'My wife will be joining us on
 the road and it will be awesome.'

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