Justin hires Taylor´s trainer

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Justin Bieber Hires Taylor Lautner Trainer
Justin wants to bulk up his small frame, so he has
 hired Taylor Lautner's trainer Jordan Yuam. Justin is impressed with
how he has helped Taylor transform his body. The insider
to Enquirer: 'Justin’s positive he has the intensity and focus to get
the same results as
Taylor. He’s already a megastar at 16, now he wants the physique to go with it. He wants ripped abs, bulging biceps, and cut thighs.'

Justin is 5'5" and weighs just 130 lbs: 'Since Justin is often on the road,
he and Jordan connect for supervised workouts online through iChat or Skype. Jordan also
 ordered Justin to give up fast food and put him on a high-protein diet rich
 in good fats from nuts and
Justin is regularly taking protein shakes and works out with a mix
 of boxing,
jogging and free weight training daily.

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