Justin is a moviestar?

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Skrivet: 2010-05-19 Klockan: 16:52:56

Justin Bieber may star in the 'Valentine's Day' sequel
'New Year's Eve'. Director Garry Marshall is trying to cast Justin
for the December 9, 2011 film. He told MTV: 'Already, they're
mentioning Justin Bieber. I have no idea who that is, but I'm sure
 we'll meet. I have a script. I did a rewrite. We're rewriting it

It's supposed to shoot in New York in September. It's supposed
to be a similar cast of a number of stars. It's written like that, but we
hope to get all new stars except for Hector Elizondo, who has to be in all my
movies. So he's gonna play a guy you'll
never recognize.'

I hear they keep mentioning this Justin Bieber.
Perhaps I'd better see who he is, so when he arrives on set, possibly
 [we can talk]. So we'll see.'

Do YOU think Justin should become a movie star or stick to music?

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