Justin swearing on Sunrise?

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Skrivet: 2010-05-28 Klockan: 07:18:42

Justin Bieber has been accused of swearing on the Australian morning show Sunrise when he allegedly told a member of the production team ‘don’t ever f****** touch me again
when he was told where to perform.

Justin denied allegations on Twitter. But Sunrise cohost David Koch
 claimed that Justin needed 'a slap.. We had him on and he was a
thoroughly nice bloke.. really decent guy. Our floor manager was
directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to
 (the floor manager) Nick and said: 'Don’t ever f****** touch me again.'
 ‘And then [Bieber's] sound guy
said 'don't
 take offence mate he tells us that all the time'.
 Koch declared that someone should give Justin a‘bit of a slap’.
According to Daily Telegraph, seven other employees supported
 his statement.TROR NI ATT DET ÄR SANT??!

Jag tror inte på det här, det låter inte som en grej han skulle säga och göra

TV Host, 'Justin Bieber Needs A Slap'

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