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Skrivet: 2010-05-27 Klockan: 16:39:40

“Hey Everybody, I feel like it has been forever since I
 have stopped in and said Hello to you all. I hope everyone
 is doing well. The movie here has been great, having so
much fun shooting this and making some wonderful new friends
while doing it. I have some pictures that I have not had a chance
 to get downloaded but, as soon as I do I will send you some

“Of course, I have a bunch of updates but, one is a little
more exciting then the rest at the moment.
As I am sure you have seen below D.O.L. (Dream Out Loud)
 facebook page has been launched!!!! I also have some news
about the second

“June 18th premiere of ‘Round and Round’
the first single of the 2nd album will premiere on Radio Disney.
June 20th premiere of the music video of ‘Round and Round’ will on air
 Disney Channel (I am shooting that music video this weekend in Budapest).
June 22nd “Round and Round” will be available for download on itunes.
 Our 2nd album (No titled yet) will be released on…….. September

So excited!!!

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