Miley more inappropriate then Taylor Momsen? NO!

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Skrivet: 2010-05-29 Klockan: 22:55:49

Miley Is 'More Inappropriate' Than TayMom

New SEXY Miley Cyrus is MORE inappropriate than
Taylor Momsen because Taylor didn't try to 'cultivate
 a religious good-girl image
' like Miley did. According to E! Online:
 'So when Cyrus spends a few seconds with a stripper pole, or poses
 in a Vanity Fair shoot that makes her look half-nekkid, or does a
in little more than a black rubber leotard-looking
 thing and some bird feathers, people are
 going to call her out. Not for being
a teenage slut, either,
 but for being
a hypocrite

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