Miley spent $3,000 on sexy lingerie!

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Skrivet: 2010-05-27 Klockan: 16:10:01

Miley Cyrus Spent $3K On SEXY Lingerie

Miley Cyrus dropped $3,000 on sexy lingerie recently. A source close to Miley told The Enquirer: 'Miley is rebelling big time. Her parents hit they roof when they saw the pictures of her gyrating on Adam Shankman's lap [at the wrap party for The Last Song]. Her dad Billy Ray is livid because he fears Miley's behavior .. going to cost her the wholesome 'Hannah Montana' audience that catapulted her sitcom.' Plus the $3,000 that Miley recently spent on lingerie, prove she's anxious to ditch her 'Hannah Montana' alter ego. The lingerie she bought was more 'Sex and the City' than 17-year-old stuff.'

Lingerie e typ "sexiga underkläder"

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