My fans are NOT obsessed

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Skrivet: 2010-05-13 Klockan: 17:33:24

Justin Bieber 'My Fans Are Not Obsessed'

International mega pop star Justin Bieber does not think his fan are obsessed despite huge stampedes and fans breaking bones when he tries to perform and the death threats they send his friends.

Justin told CNN: 'They're not too obsessed. Nah, you know, I think my fans are really supportive and I'm glad that I have really devoted fans. You know, I guess they do what they gotta do.

It's been pretty amazing and I'm really glad that I've just been able to do what I love," Bieber said. I'm really glad that I get to travel the world and like I said, just do what I love to do.' Justin is consistently a trending topic on Twitter.

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