Nick- 'I´m baseball training now'

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Nick Jonas, 'I'm Baseball Training Now'

Nick Jonas interview with Associated Press. On JONAS LA: 'The changes
are amazing. It's such an improvement from last season. We're so happy with the new direction. We feel very happy with it and we're very proud of it.'

Nick may perform Administration songs on the Jonas Brothers tour: 'They
 both come naturally for me. Both projects are things that I'm passionate about.'

Nick along with Bayer give grants to those who, like him, are living with diabetes: 'We can share what we've learned so far and hopefully let other young people with diabetes know
 it's going to be all right, they can live out their dreams and
 do what they want in life, even living with diabetes.'

A fan of the New York Yankees and the Dodgers, Nick has been
playing third base for the Jonas Brothers' softball
team: 'I'm working on some baseball training right now. Basically, from the time the
World Series ended until now, I've been training and doing a lot of things to get
 ready for our next season this summer.'

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