Selena Gomez- 'I want to be known for my work'

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Selena 'I Want To Be Known For My Work'

Selena 's DailyMail interview. ‘Although I love my music, I definitely [a favourite word] want to be challenged as an actress, I want to do intense roles that will put me in a whole different place. I’m trying to make the transition into grown-up films, so I’m taking baby steps into more adult roles by moving from family to teen movies, and I’m very honored and excited to be working with Nicole.’

On her sexual purity ring: ‘Rather not talk about my purity ring because I never want to put any pressure on my fans, the ring is not important for anyone else but myself’. But my ideal would be to not be known for who I’m dating, because eventually that’s all you will be known for.

It’s hard, because people are curious about who’s in my life, but I want to be known for my work. And I never want to view myself as any different or any better than anyone else. If I wanna go eat at a little restaurant that isn’t fancy, I’ll do it. If I wanna go without make-up and not care what I look like, I will.

The problem for tweens and teens is that a lot of them want to appease other people. I remember how I used to dress a specific way for one boy, with my shirt tucked in, very formal, because I wanted to appease him. And boys are the one thing on every girl’s mind.’

Selena 'I Want To Be Known For My Work'

Selena 'I Want To Be Known For My Work'

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